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On their first day, Trainer will go through a safety and security walk through, review the Hospitality Model, teach LEAN, give a tour of the store, and set up Passport for new team member

2 Shifts

2 Shifts


You will learn the kitchen layout.  

Where to find items, dishes, front and back items and fridges.


You will learn about portion control and how many of each item to make.  You will learn about the rotation of Mac and Cheese and how to wash/prep produce and other items.


You will learn how to either set up or break down the prep table.  You will learn what size utensils are to be used for each item and where to locate bulk items.


You will be asked to demonstrate how to clean the SaberKing as well as how to make soup chicken and other items.  This shift will be supervised by a leader.


You will learn how to properly clean the prep dishes and utensils.  You will learn about sanitization and food safety.  How to work the label printer and weekly cleaning tasks.


  • Prep Table Layout

  • Scoop size for each item

  • Prep Table lowboy

  • Utensils

  • SaberKing

  • Hobart

  • Walk-in layout

  • Mac & Cheese rotation

  • Corn & Bean Rotation - freezer

  • Binder - build-to

  • AM v. PM differences

  • Count

  • Prep sidekicks

  • Breakfast items

  • Lunch items

  • Bulk

  • Demonstrate and supervise SaberKing & Hobart

    • How to put together​

    • How to properly clean

  • Soup Chicken

Training Plan

What do you do after your Training leading up to your 45 Day Evaluation? 

You have now completed your training as part of the Bonney Lake team. What is next? During this time PLEASE communicate with your Training Director or the Shift Leader on duty regarding positions that you need more experience in. You are encouraged to drive your own progress from here, but with our help of course. Great job making it through training and we are so excited to see the positive impact you will have on the team here at Chick-fil-A.

Additional Resources

*Must Pass "Knowledge Test" at 45 Day Evaluation

*Hint This is basically the test.  Study this and you will pass.

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