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Role Summary

This side of the line is responsible for making regular and spicy sandwiches.  Buttering the buns and wrapping sandwiches.

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Learn how to make regular and spicy sandwiches.

  2. Learn how to make deluxe sandwiches.

  3. Know where to place completed items and where to restock packaging and buns.

  4. Know how to clean and maintain the area around you.

  5. Understand AHA and Kanban system.



  • Layout of Primary

  • Stocking

  • Chute layout

  • Screens layout/bumping

  • Timers (AHA) & Temping

  • Kahnbans

  • Cooldown

  • Fork for chicken

  • Buns

    • Thickness adjustment

    • Butter technique (3 swipes)

    • Pickle layout

    • Buns on a tray/keeping them warm

    • Specials

    • Layout of cold well

    • Stocking

    • Sidekicks

    • Smooth v rough side of chicken

    • Closing clamshells

    • Sticker placement

  • Regulars

    • Difference between bags

    • Bag folds & quality

    • Communicating to breading

  • When to change gloves

  • Amount of oil/butter that's acceptable

  • Red flags/Allergies/open comments


Things to Remember

  1. You are the first line of defense.  Accuracy and quality start with you.

  2. Ask for help when needed.  It is never a bad thing to ask for help.  

  3. The food you are making is for someone else so take care.

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