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Role Summary

You will learn to properly work the machines and safetly cook the chicken.  

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Learn how to cook each type of chicken properly in each machine.

  2. Properly cleaning the machine is part of the key responsibility in this position. 

  3. Food safety is not a suggestion but a key importance in this possition.   



  • Layout of machines

  • Closing/opening machines

  • Reading the Machine

  • Kanban rotation/placement

  • Machines

    • Strips

    • Regular v Spicy

    • Dipping (Filets/Strips) v stirring (Nuggets)

    • Dumping chicken

    • Peanut Oil

  • Grills

    • Prepping grills

    • Placement of/pulling grilled filets

    • Placement of/pulling grilled nuggets

    • Grilled items not overlapping

    • Oil/cleaning

  • Filter lockouts

  • Timing in chicken

  • Wiping machines through the day


Things to Remember

  1. Food Safty is very important.

  2. Never cross contaminate food.

  3. Always use timers.

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