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Disciplinary Point System

Tardiness Issues

  • 2 points for clocking in 3-10 minutes late 

  • 3 points for clocking in 10-29 minutes late

  • 4 points for clocking in more than 30 minutes late 

Schedule Issues

  • 6 points for same-day illness (or emergency) with no replacement or doctor’s note

  • 6 points for failure to work (or find a replacement) with a phone call (not same-day)

  • 12 points for failure to work (no call no show) (subject to immediate termination) without a phone call

Performance/Character Issues

  • 1 point for failure to follow Chick-fil-A procedures

  • 1 point for uniform/grooming violations. If there is more than one violation 1 point will be assigned per violation.

  • 1 point for not clocking in/out on POS

  • 1 point for cash underage/overage

  • 1 point for break negligence

  • 2 points for texting or unauthorized cell phone use while working

  • 2 points for food safety issues

  • 2 points for leader handing out card/number for overrides

  • 6 points for dishonesty, insubordination, or disrespect toward leadership (depending upon the severity, may be grounds for immediate termination)

  • For situations not listed above, we have the right to choose the points associated with it

There is no such thing as a “verbal warning”; an agreement to work at Chick-fil-A Bonney Lake indicates an understanding of our procedures and the consequences for violating them.  All violations listed above shall be assessed disciplinary points.  Leadership has the prerogative to assess discretionary disciplinary points that are not defined above depending upon circumstances that may arise.  Additionally, the GM and Training Director may remove points based upon improved conduct, solely at their discretion.  Points remain against a person for three months, at which point they are removed. As points are assigned team members will be notified of their total points accrued.

Within a 3-month period:

  • 6 points accrued, you lose break food for the following week. 

  • 10 points you lose break food privileges for an entire month 

  • 14 points constitute a meeting with GM or TD & no break food for a month

  • 18 points constitute a week one suspension

  • 22 points are grounds for termination/indefinite suspension