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Role Summary

Cleaning the dishes and utencils is one of the most important jobs.  

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Understanding the chemicals and when and where to use them.

  2. Learn how to properly clean and sanatize dishes.

  3. Know how to use the dishwasher

  4. Undertand safetly and proper separation of raw and regular.



  • Layout of dish pit

  • Wash/rinse/sanitize

  • Scrape food

  • Dishwasher how-to

  • Don't just dunk and go

  • Raw doesn't mix with ANYTHING else, fresh water

  • Test sanitizer (Sit in for 60 seconds)

  • Where dishes go when they are clean/dry

  • Remove stickers


Things to Remember

  1. Never cross raw dishes with regular.

  2. Keep everything clean and sanitized.

  3. Never place dirty dishes with clean dishes.

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