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Role Summary

It is your job to ensure all items are included and accurately made for the guest.  Never leave a bag on the counter or abandon an order once started.

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Have a general knowledge of how to make each item to ensure they have been made correctly for the guest.

  2. Accurately and quickly bag each item for the guest. 

  3. Deliver food with a smile and the Core 4 in mind.  

  4. Always move cars and help the next guest. 

Bagging 101:

  • Bump the order

  • Fulfill the order acurately

  • Stuff the bag

  • Double check you have all required items and drinks

  • Deliver the bag to the guest

  • Move cars as needed.  When you pass a car you move them up to help the guest with food get out.



  • Layout of chutes

  • Special labels

  • Lowboy

  • Bag sizes

  • Stuffing items

  • Screens (What to bump what not to bump)

  • Bumping (Based on Time)

  • Process of bagging (Hot/cold, salads)

  • DD/UE stickers

  • Ticket layout (Option off)

  • Kids meals, drinks/desserts only

  • Special salads, where to get them from (Blinking on screen)

  • Bag 10 talking through thought process before letting them bag

  • Stuffing/drink pairing

  • Locating and confirming cars, read back orders

  • Pull cars forward (Pulling forward & communication to team)

  • Stocking

  • Dine-in delivery

  • Curbside orders

  • Back of house communication


Things to Remember

  1. If you pass a car be sure to move it to let the guest with food leave.

  2. Double check the order.  Accuracy is very important.

  3. Use the guest's name to ensure you have the correct vehicle.

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