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On their first day, Trainer will go through a safety and security walk through, review the Hospitality Model, teach LEAN, give a tour of the store, and set up Passport for new team member

Training Weeks

Week 1


Our primary focus in Week 1 will be to learn food safety, general walkthroughs, opening and closing tasks.


We will cover everything over the course of 2 days.

  • Day 1 Team member basics and food safety introduction, restaurant tour and clocking in and out, breaks, and time-off requests.

  • Day 2 Opening and closing procedures, each position and general tasks.  Cleanliness and chemicals.

Week 2


During Week 2, you will begin the week by going through the "BOH Week 2" Pathway courses. (These will be assigned to you)


You then also work alongside other team members and learn some new positions.

Week 3


You begin your week by completing the "BOH Week 3" set of Pathway Courses. You will then experience some of the remaining positions left the restaurant.


You may or may not have already experienced these positions up to this point, but this is your week to really ask to experience these positions again or for the first time.

What do you do after your 3 Weeks of Training leading up to your 45 Day Evaluation? 

You have now completed your first 3 weeks of training as part of the Bonney Lake team. What is next? Once you have finished your first 21 days of training you are now going to be scheduled as part of the team to continue to refine you skills that you learned in your first 3 weeks. During this time PLEASE communicate with your Training Director or the Shift Leader on duty regarding positions that you need more experience in. You are encouraged to drive your own progress from here, but with our help of course. Great job making it through training and we are so excited to see the positive impact you will have on the team here at Chick-fil-A.

Knowledge Test

*Must Pass "Knowledge Test" at 45 Day Evaluation

*Hint This is basically the test.  Study this and you will pass.

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