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  • Required to be available to close at least one day Monday - Thursday (Nighttime team members Only)

  • Work a minimum of 13 hours a week.

  • Work a minimum of 3 Fridays and Saturdays a month as well as have open availability on Saturdays (minimum of 8 hours).

  • Call outs on a scheduled shift are only valid in an emergency or extenuating circumstances (i.e. sick, family emergency, etc.). You must have a doctor’s note or other documentation.


How do I request time off?

Through Hotschedules. If it is a multi-day request, please submit that together verse filling out an individual request for each day. If you are unavailable for just a few hours on a certain day (Ex: sports practice, doctor's appointment, meeting, etc) Please do not request the whole day but only the actual time needed. This will allow us to more easily approve the time-off.


When is my request due?

Monday the week prior to the schedule you're requesting off. These are requests and are never guaranteed. You will receive an answer within 1 week of submitting the request. The early you get the request in, the better off you are to get it approved. The request may be submitted up to 6 months in advance.


How to PDF guide: Click Here


Why would I update my availability?

This should stay the same for at least 3 months. If your overall availability is changing, that is when a new availability would be change.


How do I change/update my availability?

Go to the hot schedules app. Click on the top 3 horizontal lines on the top left-hand side. Click My Availability. Click the + button and put the first date you want this change to take place. Then make the appropriate changes. Be sure to hit Save once you make your changes.


What do I do if I need a shift leader to approve a shift swap or pick up?

Contact the shift leader directly.

What do I do if I cant work a shift?

Go to the hot schedules app or this page here: to find out who the shift leader is and contact them directly. You will need to contact people to work your shift then have them pick up the shift on Hotschedules.


How do I know if my shift swap/request was approved?

If you were picking up a shift the shift will now be on your schedule and you should receive a notification. If you were releasing a shift it will no longer be on your schedule and you will get a notification. If you swapped a shift and it was approved the new shift will be on your schedule.


How do I release a shift?

Go to the hot schedules app. Click on the shift you want to release. Click release this shift. The shift will still be considered your shift until someone picks up the shift and it is approved by a leader.


How do I swap shifts?

If you find someone to swap shifts with you click swap this shift- find the person you are hoping to swap with and it will then ask them to go and accept it. Once a shift is swapped a leader will have to approve it.


How do I pick up a shift?

When you see my schedule it will say if any shifts are available to pick up. If you want to pick up a shift go ahead and click on the shift to pick it up. A leader will then need to go and approve it.

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