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Role Summary

The team member on Serving is responsible for quickly delivering meals to Guests while exhibiting the Core 4 and 2nd Mile Service Behaviours.

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Repeat order to guest for confirmation

  2. Exhibit Core 4 & Deliver 2nd Mile Service Behaviours

  3. Ensure guest has everything they need & give guest a fond farewell (for example: “Have a great day!” or “Enjoy your weekend!”)

Server Role:

  • Receives meal from Bagger/Expeditor.

  • Delivers meal to guest in their vehicle. (using Guest information on service receipt).

  • Ensures Guest has everything needed to enjoy meal.

  • Exhibits the Core 4 and seeks opportunities to deliver 2nd Mile service when interacting with Guest.


By end of EXPO Shift, team member should be able to:

  • Deliver meal to guest using

    • Elevated Language

    • Core 4

    • 2nd mile service behaviours (ensuring guest has everything they need)

  • Move with a sense of URGENCY

  • Understand how to read the receipt sticker to:

    1. Locate guest (using car description and lane number)

    2. Repeat order back to guest to ensure order is correct


Things to Remember

  1. Always take the receipt sticker off of the bag before delivering the meal to Guests

  2. Refrain from yelling out Guest's name as over an intercom system; Instead, speak in full sentences, using Core 4, saying: "I have a Spicy Deluxe meal for John...Is there anything else I can get for you today, John? Have a great afternoon! Enjoy your meal! Thank you for coming in! My Pleasure!"

Pathway Links

to be used as Additional Resources

Genuine Hospitality, Second Mile Service

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