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Role Summary

The team member on Drinks/Desserts is responsible for making drinks to fulfill orders as well as making desserts.  Maintaining a clean work area and proper portion control is a key responsibility.  

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Accurately fulfill orders as they show up on the monitor.

  2. Learn how to restock and change soda bibs.

  3. Learn how to refill and maintain the Taylor machine throughout the day.

  4. Know when to ask for help and what to do during downtime.

Drinks/Dessert How to:

  • When first placed on Drinks or Desserts make sure you are fully stocked.  This includes cups, lemonade, ice, and shake base/icedream.

  • Be sure to bump each order as it has been made.  Place the sticker on the cup so the rest of the order can be properly fulfilled.

  • When there is only a drink for an order, deliver the drink to the guest and don't leave it on the counter for someone to take.



  • 30 minutes Pathway

  • Bump bar/screens

  • Recall/option orders

  • Abbreviations for things (Dt), Dimples to press

  • Drink Station layout

  • Walk-in layout

  • Restocking (things in the moment and long term (cups))

  • Sidekicks: ICE IN CUPS FIRST

  • Shake Base v. Ice Dream**

  • Portions (Milkshakes, ice dream, whip cream)

  • Ice Dream cones

  • Special situations:

    • DD/UE drinks & lids

    • Make coffee (AM)

    • Soda bibs

    • Mocha Cream Cold Brew

    • Drinks/Desserts Only

  • Refilling Lemonade & Teas

  • Make 1 Lemonade, brew 1 tea, make 1 shooter, make cold brew


Things to Remember

  1. Ask for help when needed.  This includes stocking items you may need too.

  2. When delivering a drink or dessert to a guest, remember the core 4.

  3. Always clean and restock your area when leaving and throughout the day as needed.  

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