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Role Summary

Learn how to filet, bread and handle raw chicken properly.  

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Learn how to bread the chicken properly.

  2. Learn how to filet and wrap chicken.

  3. Learn how to lad the machines and make each type of chicken.




  • Layout of Breading table

  • Cross-contamination

  • Milk wash

  • Fill dimples on chicken pans

  • Drops

  • Measure nuggets

  • Filets

    • Dipping

    • Pressing

    • Load

  • Nuggets/Strips

    • Dump

    • Toss

    • Load

  • Coater sifted/reworked as often as possible


  • Fileting

    • How much & when

    • Specifics on fileting to cook properly

    • Wrapped w/ sticker

    • Marinade for grilled

  • Rotation

    • Layout of thawing cabinets

    • Top to bottom, Use First clips

    • Tape lines

    • Stickers on pans

    • Label on front of pan w/ sticker

    • Pull one out, put another in


Things to Remember

  1. Food Safty is very important.

  2. Never cross contaminate food.

  3. Always use timers.

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