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Role Summary

On secondary you will be responsible for making soup, mac and cheese, grilled products, nuggets, strips and salads.

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. You will make items that appear on the screen.  Prioritize stocking the chutes as the ipad suggests.

  2. Multitasking is a must in this possition.  

  3. Learn how to make every item in the area by watching pathway.



  • Layout of Secondary

  • Stocking

  • Chute layout

  • Screen layout/bumping

  • Timers (AHA) & Temping (Especially grilled)

  • Kahnbans (where it goes, when to communicate when you need more)

  • Ovens

  • Soup Warmer

    • How to turn on/how much water goes in

    • Where to get soup, where chicken comes from and where it goes into

    • When you take the last out of the warmers, put the next one in the oven/warme (Soup/mac)

  • Grilled Products

    • Sandwiches do not have pickles

    • Sidekicks

    • Rough/smooth side

    • Sleeves & Why

    • Tongs for the grilled items

    • Container size grilled nuggets

  • Mac & Cheese fill lines, stickers

  • Soup fill lines, stickers

  • Salads

    • Cobbs

    • Special salads from prep, everything gets chicken BUT bases

    • Stickers

  • Nuggets use spoon

  • Strips

  • Punch tabs

  • Red flags/Allergies/open comments


Things to Remember

  1. Never be afraid to ask for help

  2. This is not your food so be sure it looks correct and is made correctly

  3. Portioning is a large part of this possition, so learn how to make each item correctly.

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