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Role Summary

Hot Fresh and Delicious.  That is the motto.  Learn the holding times and when to drop more fries will ensure you have the freshest and more delicious fries.

Essential Skills & Knowledge

  1. Learn when and how to drop Fries

  2. Learn holding times and portion control.

  3. Cleaning and stocking standards.



  • Machine info

  • Timers (Cooking & quality)

  • Screen layout/bumping

  • Stocking

    • Fries v Hashbrowns

  • Drops (half bag v full bag, basket usage)

  • Salt clicks

  • Mixing fries

  • Fry weight - on sidekicks, fluff it not stuff it

  • Lockout on Machine

  • Communication with FOH

  • Oil - Canola


Things to Remember

  1. Noone likes cold fries.

  2. Quality of the fries is determined bby the one filling and cooking the fries.

  3. Ensure area is clean and stocked throughout the day.

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