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The following safety and security areas listed below are to ensure you have been trained on the requirements of each area.  These requirements are designed to protect the guest, employees, and our store.

Hand Washing Demonstration 
Must understand how and when to wash hands to comply with health policies.

Wash hands only in designated handwashing sinks - never in vegetable or compartment sinks

  • Rinse hands with warm water

  • Dispense 1 squirt of antibacterial soap into the palm of the hand

  • Wash hands vigorously, being sure to wash between fingers

  • Use the "bear claw" method to clean fingernails 

  • Wash forearms as well  *hands, nails, and forearms should be washed vigorously for 15 seconds

  • Rinse hands and forearms with warm water

  • Dry hands with a clean paper towel


When should I wash my hands?

Wash hands when you get to work (before reporting to the work station) and before leaving for the day. Also, wash hands after doing any of the following:

  • Removing gloves.

  • Using washroom – be sure to wash hands in the washroom and again at the workstation.

  • Handling raw chicken and other raw or unrinsed food.

  • Getting coater onto wrists or forearms. (Be sure to wash hands at the hand sink near the breading table.)

  • Handling garbage.

  • Cleaning any area of the Restaurant.

  • Sneezing, coughing, or using a tissue.

  • Touching hair, face, body, clothing, or apron.

  • Touching cellphone.

  • Taking a break, eating, drinking, chewing gum, or smoking.

  • Touching anything that could contaminate hands (for example, refrigerator, equipment, door, soiled towel, or boxes).

To help prevent cross-contamination, be sure to always wash hands when going from one task to another and when changing gloves.

Cleaning Chemicals

Must understand which chemicals to use when in order to properly handle the cleaning chemicals you will be exposed to (via WHMIS binder)

Chem 9.png
Chem 1.png
Chem 3.png
Chem 4.png
Chem 5.png
Chem 6.png
Chem 7.png
Chem 8.png

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - Goggles/Apron/Gloves

Must understand that Protective Gear is provided to me and where to find it

Glove 2.png
glove 1.png
Glove 3.png

Preparing Sanitizer

Must understand how to prepare the KICS sanitizer and how often

San 1.png
San 2.png

Fire Extinguishers & Ansul System

Must understand where to find all the Fire Extinguishers, how to use them, and which one to use

Fire 1.png

Security Alarms & Back Door Entry

Must understand where all the silent alarms are located and when it is appropriate to use them

Safe 1.png

Hospitality Model

Hospitality Model.png
Core 4.png
  • Discuss Core 4 as the proper way to communicate with team and guests

  • Discuss 2nd Mile Service behaviours

  • Discuss Customer Recovery HEARD model

    • Role Play 3 different scenarios (missing item from meal; incorrect item was given; hair in sandwich)

  • Go over Kanban system

  • Give tour of the store

    • Go over the Set-Up Sheet (where to find it, how to read it)

    • Walk-in Cooler: how to stock (FIFO & labeling)

    • Walk-in Freezer: how to stock (FIFO & labeling)

    • Go over dish washing: raw, regular, and drying

    • Mop sink

    • Go over maintaining trash: cardboard (*must break down boxes), regular, compost

    • Public Washrooms vs. Employee Washrooms

    • First Aid kit

    • WHMIS yellow binder (where to find it and to understand what it is - it informs how to handle all chemicals properly)

    • Go over where chemicals are kept

    • Team member break area

  • Set up Passport


Things to Remember

At the end of every shift before you clock out and leave, you MUST ask your leader if  there is anything your team needs and help leave the environment in a better condition!  This is what helps build community with your fellow team members, and the more you take care of each other, the better we can serve our guests!

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