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Team Member Advancement

Applications Below

We are so excited about you wanting to pursue advancement with us in your Chick-fil-A career. Use the links below to fill out your application and a member of leadership will contact you soon with your next steps.

Judge's Table

Things to Remember

Chick-fil-A Bonney Lake will strive to formally evaluate work performance at least annually. However, the frequency of performance evaluations will ultimately vary depending upon your length of service, job position, past performance, changes in job duties or recurring performance problems. Chick-fil-A Bonney Lake will also strive to provide you with on-the-job feedback and counseling regarding your performance.


Your performance evaluations may review factors such as the quality and quantity of the work you perform, your knowledge of the job, your initiative, your work attitude and your attitude toward others. The performance evaluation should help you become aware of your progress and areas for improvement. After your review you will be required to sign the evaluation report to acknowledge that it has been presented to you and discussed with you by your supervisor, and that you are aware of its contents.


You should note that a good performance evaluation does not guarantee a pay raise, because pay increases may not occur every year, nor is a good performance evaluation or a pay raise (or any other compensation or incentive) a promise of continued employment.

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